Over twenty-five years ago, in the province of Bahia,Brazil, Blue Stone Granitos e Marmores Ltda in partnership with GM Granitos e Marmores Ltda started quarrying Azul Macaubas, a stone of rare beauty of the quartzite family; these stones are much sought-after, as they combine the attractive colours of marble with the hardness and resistance of granite.

The company is the exclusive distributor of raw blocks direct from Brazil for all around the world and has recently started to quarry other types of quartzite of exotic colours from the same regions, that add up to the world-known and unique Azul Macaubas.

The quarries of GM Granitos e Marmores are the only one in the world of this material.


There is only one quarry in the world of Azul Macaubas which is quarried from more than thirty years from GM Granitos e Marmores ltda.

Recently, some companies have started selling similar materials under the name Azul Macaubas creating confusion in the market; they are blue materials but which have technical characteristics and tone very different from the authentic Azul Macaubas.

These technical characteristics and tonality are easily recognized by professionals but can mislead those who are not expert in ornamental stones; if in doubt do not hesitate to contact us to know who represents us in the world.