Azul Macaúbas due to high concentration of quartz is an extremely hard stone that allows a typical polishing of semi-precious stones.

It can be used inside and outside and is particularly suitable for pools coatings since it is not affected by chemical agents used to treat water.

Its main feature is the rare blue color due to the presence of dumortierite.

Trade name: Azul Macaubas

Petrografic classification:

Dumortierita / Quartzito

Mineralogical composition:
Quartz 82%
Dumortierite 08%
Muscovite 05%
Cianite 05%

Physical indices:
Bulk density 2,683 kg/m3
Apparent porosity 0,30%
Water absortion 0,11%
Amsler wear 0,54 mm
Simple uniaxial compression strenght 210,20 MPa
Uniaxial compression strenght after freezing/ thawing 212,90 MPa
Impact strenght 0,81 m
Modulus of static deformation 61,54 GPa
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion 14,6 mm/moc x 103
Flexural strenght 20,39 Mpa